M-Racing Bikes

The M-Racing Series features our advanced REAR WHEEL DRIVE, SLEEK DESIGN and FULLY EQUIPPED COMPONENTS including on-board COMPUTER and HEART RATE monitor.  This modern, ergonomic design allows for natural, comfortable movements and is sure to amplify the energy in your cycling classes.

Motus FUSION Indoor Group Cycling Bike
The FUSION Indoor Group Cycling Bike boasts a sleek racing design, comfort handlebars, and an ergonomic saddle of PU foam that’s encased in a two-tone PVC cover. With fully loaded computer and heart-rate monitoring, users enjoy instant access to real-time monitoring of statistics on an easy-to-read unit, without the need for a personal telemetry strap. Tension is adjusted among eight levels by using the patented Accujust, and a heavy-duty commercial belt, crank, and dual brake pads deliver commercial-grade quality. The unique rear-wheel drive improves durability and prevents rust on the flywheel. The entire frame is protected by a triple-layer powder coating with zinc (anti-rust).  INCLUDES FREE COMPUTER AND WATER BOTTLE!

Motus NRG Indoor Group Cycling Bike
The NRG Indoor Cycling Bike features the EZ-Step-Through design for added safety and comfort for all users. The rear flywheel drive technology enhances durability and prevents rust developing on the flywheel. The frame is protected by a triple layer of powder-coating with zinc (anti-rust). And the NRG has a sporty, race-colored outer frame. An ergonomic saddle in a two-tone color with a PVC cover over PU foam boosts comfort, and the patented Accujust enables users to easily adjust tension among eight levels. Heavy-duty commercial belts, cranks, and dual brake pads ensure long life and minimal maintenance.  Fully loaded components include full-feature pilot computers that let exercisers gauge their workouts and contact heart-rate monitors that eliminate the need for individual telemetry straps.  INCLUDES FREE COMPUTER AND WATER BOTTLE!


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